The New LEBON  Organic Collection is coming soon...


LEBON toothpaste Collection, luxury toothpaste made in France.


LEBON toothpaste is an exquisite collection of high end toothpaste for those who wish to fully enjoy their daily lives. To re-create moments of pleasure where none subsist, banish monotony out of dental care.

Live Cool & Brilliant!


To adopt Lebon toothpaste is to say “Yes” to a dazzling smile. It’s also knowing how to enjoy the finest things in life.


The Lebon toothpaste Collection is pleasure products, pure pleasure.

100% natural fragrances, no paraben, with carefully selected quality ingredients, the right packaging to tickle your fancy and stemming from sustainable forests. The Lebon toothpastes have arrived.


The Collection offers three fragrances bringing you freshness and a pristine touch that will take you away. Awaken to a fresh minty fragrance, get a boost after lunch with a minty-liquorice picker upper or prepare for a regal and suave evening with the cinnamon touch. Experience these new emotions thanks to the collection of Lebon toothpastes. 


Monsieur Z, the famous French illustrator published in French media and commercials around the world created the imagery and visuals for our toothpastes. The glamorous universe of Monsieur Z fits perfectly with the Lebon toothpastes. Luxury everyone can afford.






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