It’s the best! My husband keeps stealing it. 😂🙈

Nicole M., American in Paris

When your toothpaste is as shiny as your jewelry. Best Toothpaste !

Aroz Babes, Brussels

This is my global regime ..

Your products are truly exceptional!!!!!!

David M.

I am addicted and addicted to all your toothpastes!

Mathilde F., Paris

Your packaging is stunning 🙌🏼😍🍃

Celeste M.

A crush for those who decided to go to the clean for their toothpaste!

Virginie D., based in Paris

I have a thing for fancy (yet nontoxic) toothpaste

Athena, Santa Monica

I use LEBON oralcare 🌱 it's organic, natural with aloe vera and green tea. In addition to being good for your health, they have incredible tastes and they are just gorgeous 🌸

Victoria, Belgium

Love at first sight 💗💗💗💗💗 The white mint sweet green tea 💚 a small soothing side in the mouth and & extremely soft

Sophie, Québec

Probably the nicest mouthpiece I’ve ever seen 🙌🏼

Natalie, Copenhagen

Happiness of the day: Toothpaste and mouthwash from LEBON, I love it.❣️❣️❣️

Making waves, the mouthwash of LEBON, can’t get enough!

Sophie, France

They are really different from the other toothpastes, just the packaging is very VIP 😁 the cardboard is very soft and shiny. There are also many different tastes! And really on the palate it's an explosion of flavors 🌟

My two favorite at the moment are the Back to Pampelonne with mango and mint and the White, mint and green tea 🌱

A real pleasure to brush your teeth 👄!

Myriam, Paris

Can’t have the toothpaste without the mouthwash I refuse. It’s unethical!

Courtney A., USA

Taking care of our world together to make it GREEN! 🌎💚 We absolutely love this & are inspired by the awareness that this account brings ✨


White Gold 🙏🏼🌟🌟🌟

Jerome, France

Lovely toothpaste makes brushing enjoyable 🖤

Suzanne, Hong Kong

Know that LEBON is in my bathroom, helps me get up in the morning …


Finest luxury toothpaste !

Silkyway, Danemark

A wonderful brand, exquisite, refined and ultra clean that really wins to be known. In short, a very beautiful discovery !

Beautylicieuse, Paris

Hi, just want to say that I’m a huge fan of your brand


It amazes me how a toothpaste can be so entirely satisfying! It really is about the simple things.

Norma Thiessen

Today I bring you a fabulous toothpaste that actually really does whiten your teeth. It basically does what it says on the box. It’s organic, and contains plant based ingredients and I am delighted to have found this before making the decision to go through that teeth whitening process. Our teeth are so important and not just because of how we look. Visiting the dentist is a first port of call - when did you last go?? Thank you @lebon.oralcare for existing! And thank you Tracey for introducing me to the best toothpaste out there! Yayyy! Go get it people. #besttoothpaste #oralhealthcare #oralcare#lookafteryourteeth

Yvonne, Aquitaine