Rhythm is Love

9,45€ 13,50€

A premium Natural Whitening toothpaste, Fluoride free and Toxin free.


Fall in love with the uplifting powers of Ylang Ylang and Yuzu in this charming organic toothpaste.

Known for its sensual and euphoric properties, Ylang Ylang helps to boost your spirits whilst the calming and confidence-building powers of Yuzu help clear your mind and build your inner strength.

The perfect choice before bed to help you let go of your day.

What's IN
Natural Flavors (Aroma) for mood enhancing
Organic Aloe Vera for natural protection of gums
Organic Green Tea for fluoride free toothpaste
Papaya Extracts for natural teeth whitening

What's OUT
Fluoride free
SLS free
Artificial coloring free
Triclosan free
Saccharing free
Titanium dioxide free
Sulfate free
Gluten free
Microbreads free

The toothpaste for natural toothpaste lovers | LEBON

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