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The New LEBON Organic TOOTHPASTE Collection is a tribute to getaway, to flavors & perfumes offered by the Sea and Nature and to the diversity of world cultures. 



Six Exclusive Flavors, Six delicately Tasty, unique feelings.

Lebon toothpaste flavors
Lebon organic toothpaste - le White


LE WHITE - Natural toothpaste

Sweet Moroccan Mint with Green Tea and a powerful natural Whitening Effect thanks to Papaya extracts.

Lebon organic toothpaste - Cap Ferrat Mood

CAP FERRAT MOOD - Natural toothpaste

 A mixture of fresh regenerating Mints.

Lebon organic toothpaste - Villa Noacarlina

VILLA NOACARLINA - Natural toothpaste

Fresh and delicious fusion of Mint rounded with a subtle hint of Cinnamon.

Lebon organic toothpaste - Une piscine à Antibes

UNE PISCINE A ANTIBES - Natural toothpaste

Liquorice - sweet like a sunny summer day and Mint fresh as a dive into a swimming pool!

Lebon organic toothpaste - Tropical Crush

TROPICAL CRUSH - Natural toothpaste

Glamorous time on the white sand, a gold flavor where Pineapple is mixed with Rooibos and Mint.

Lebon organic toothpaste - Sweet Extravagance

SWEET EXTRAVAGANCE - Natural toothpaste

Definitively Haute Couture and Sexy. Rose embraces with Orange Blossom and a hint of Mint.


Who said toothpaste had to be boring?

Lebon natural whitening toothpaste